This has got to be on one of @exjon’s playlists.

♫ Living on Love, Living on Love and Libations…♫

Haven’t heard much clamor about this Sigur Ros album, but it’s been a go-to of late for me.


Ah, Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 11. Or as I call it, “The song that plays when Barney Stinson describes the plays in his Playbook.”

Verses: Dedicatory Ode
by Hilaire Belloc

The wealth of youth, we spent it well
And decently, as very few can.
And is it lost? I cannot tell:
And what is more, I doubt if you can.

The question’s very much too wide,
And much too deep, and much too hollow,
And learned men on either side
Use arguments I cannot follow.

They say that in the unchanging place,
Where all we loved is always dear,
We meet our morning face to face
And find at last our twentieth year… .

They say (and I am glad they say)
It is so ; and it may be so :
It may be just the other way,
I cannot tell. But this I know:

From quiet homes and first beginning,
Out to the undiscovered ends,
There’s nothing worth the wear of winning,
But laughter and the love of friends.
Nature has one rule - survival of the fittest. God’s rule is Love your neighbor as yourself. They’re at opposite ends of the moral spectrum.
Dennis Prager
Ethics don’t come from secularism. They survive in spite of it, not because of it.
Dennis Prager